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Friday, July 18, 2008

This is the place where American Jews gather to volunteer and support the Barack Obama candidacy. We have extensive one-click email replies to the “Schvitz Boat” smears which circulate through our community, we keep up-to-date Resources with news items, actions, petitions to sign, and media clips of Barack’s interaction with our community. Finally, we have a rich trove of endorsement transcripts and videos which you can send to your friends based on who they respect.

How to counter the myths and lies?

Reply to the sender of hate mail with an email that includes authoritative counter-statements by individuals whose judgment would be respected by the sender. Below are the most recent items we have responded to on our REACT! pages.


From the moment he declared his candidacy, Senator Obama has been endorsed by many people. We have collected videos and quotes from Rabbis, Celebrities, Feminists, Legislators and others on our Endorsements pages.

The irrationality of Obama’s critics (response to Jennifer Rubin, Morris Amitay)
From The Jerusalem Post: In the past few weeks The Jerusalem Post has run two hysterically anti-Barack Obama op-eds - Morris J. Amitay’s “McCain for America - and Israel” and Jennifer Rubin’s “Why more Jews won’t be voting Democrat this year.” At first glance these two pieces appear to take two very different approaches to the [...]

Obama at AIPAC, Abridged.
Many Jewish Americans only watched one small “Oops!” bit from Barack Obama’s impressive speech at the AIPAC conference. We already posted the entire speech, with video or audio along with a careful transcript, but it was quite a committment to watch it! So here is a 15 minute “Readers Digest” version of Barack Obama’s speech [...]

A Response to “A Pilot’s Perspective on Obama”
There is a particularly ugly email circulating called “A Pilot’s Perspective on Obama” where the anonymous author questions Barack’s ties to the white community and his ability to attend private schools. The smear also includes some innuendos implying that Barack is Muslim and questioning his ties to Rezko. The following is one response to this [...]

Bloomberg Blasts Rumor About Obama
From New York Times Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, injecting himself directly into the presidential campaign, forcefully denounced on Friday what he called a “whisper campaign” linking Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to Islam. Speaking before a crucial constituency in the coming election, Jewish voters, in the pivotal state of Florida, Mr. Bloomberg said that [...]

Obama Is Not Linked To The PLO Through Prof. Rashid Kahlidi
You may have had a chance to see a video in which Sean Hannity of Fox News tries to paint Senator Barack Obama as anti-Israel on the grounds that he knows Prof. Rashid Khalidi, currently the Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University. Here are a few things that Hannity hides from us in [...]

Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman
Rabbi Mehlman, who is Emeritus Rabbi of Temple Israel of Brookline, and Professor of Midrash at New York’s Hebrew Union College, spoke at July 11th Jewish Community Leadership Committee of New England. He kindly allowed Jews4Obama to have a “scoop,” publishing his remarks here first: As a Jewish American, I am deeply disturbed by [...]

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg denounces anti-Obama whisper campaign
Mayor Michael Bloomberg hasn’t endorsed Barack Obama, at least not yet. He has, however, forcefully denounced the smear campaign being waged against Obama in the Jewish community. From The New York Times: Bloomberg, in Florida, Blasts Rumor About Obama By MICHAEL BARBARO Published: June 21, 2008 BOCA RATON, Fla. — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, injecting himself directly into the [...]

Al Gore
Congratulations, Detroit, on the Red Wings victory in the Stanley Cup finals. I speak to you this evening as a citizen of the United States. I speak to you also as citizen of the world, because the outcome of this election will affect the future of our planet. For America to lead the world through the [...]

Bob Dylan (hopes the Times are A’Changin)
According to the Times of London, Bob Dylan, who has never endorsed a candidate, said this about Obama: “Well, you know right now America is in a state of upheaval…. Poverty is demoralising. You can’t expect people to have the virtue of purity when they’re poor. But we’ve got this guy out there now who is [...]

Rabbi Ethan Tucker (Senator Joseph Lieberman’s stepson)
From the NYTimes “Younger Jews have grown up in diverse settings and are therefore less likely to be troubled by Mr. Obama’s associations than their elders, said Rabbi Ethan Tucker, 32, co-founder of a Jewish learning organization in Manhattan and the stepson of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut. Rabbi Tucker said he had given money [...]

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