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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Campaigns for Clinton Vote at Convention

It seems that for some Hillary's campaign continues. Seeking "respect" and distorting the popular vote and its meaning continues even though the primary season is over. Where is the "respect" for the nominee? It is time to start thinking about November not what could have been. RGN

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Clinton Must Concede! Now

Posted By john On July 11, 2008 @ 9:48 pm In US Politics, World Issues | 46 Comments

Puma PAC Roars! We have sent more than 20,000 letters in the last 4 hours to delegates in Texas, urging them to stand with Hillary

Potential Campaign & Convention Chaos

Two Clinton supporter group’s convention plans are now well and truly out there and alive and well. To remain involved in the Obama campaign and be credible, Hillary Clinton must now do a number of things quickly or risk destroying any chance Senator Obama has of regaining the White House for the Democratic Party in 2009. Is this her 2008 goal?

Her first task is to publicly disown the two groups engaged in promoting her as the legitimate Democratic Party nominee. This act will be her first real test of loyalty to Senator Obama and the Democratic Party since her defeat in the Primaries. A defeat she has still failed to acknowledge by conceding. What is her game plan?

You can visit these group’s websites and make your own judgement.

“The Denver Group” — [1]

“The Puma Pac” [2]

In view of what has transpired between Clinton and Obama since the Primaries ended, the results of which produced a clear winner in Barack Obama, people will be rightly concerned when they note the current activities of these groups. Their single goal. To have Hillary Clinton emerge from the August National Convention as the Democratic Party nominee by attacking Obama.

Who benefits?

It beggars belief that the Clintons are not aware of these groups and their purpose. Of one thing I am certain. It is improbable that any organisation would embark on such an expensive course to raise and commit significant financial resources publicly unless the intended sole beneficiary, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wasn’t aware of and supportive of their plans. Have the Clintons as a couple been complicit?

As Cicero reminded the Roman Senate, ”Cui Bono”,”Who Benefits”‘

Excerpt from the Puma Pac site today:

UPDATE! JULY 10, 2008 AT 2:46PM: Puma PAC Roars! We have sent more than 20,000 letters in the last 4 hours to delegates in Texas, urging them to stand with Hillary and INSIST that she be nominated in the first roll call vote. We are about to execute a PROWL that will be heard in DC and around the nation. Puma PAC, we are the VOICE OF THE VOTERS, and we are being HEARD!!

Time to tidy house

Clinton can put an end to this farce, if she concedes now. Hillary Clinton needs to announce and declare publicly that she is officially conceding the Primary contest for the Democratic Party’s nomination and then acknowledge the winner as being Senator Barack Obama. To be clear, she must also state unequivocally that her Primary campaign is at an end, and as a result, all Clinton delegates are released and encouraged to support Senator Obama as the sole candidate for the Party nomination.

The Denver Group Video — 3 min 40 secs

The Puma Pac Group Video — 3min 40 secs

Excerpt from one of the 20,000 emails sent to Clinton’s delegates today

“The membership of Puma PAC and vast numbers of Americans look forward
with anticipation and great hope to watching you cast your vote for
Senator Clinton during the first roll call vote on the floor of the
Convention. We respectfully request that you do ALL that is in your
power to do to MAKE SURE the DNC allows you to cast that first roll call
vote — to show Hillary Clinton’s millions of proud and determined
voters that you, like she, respect and believe in the voice of the voters.
Thank you very much for all that you do in service of our great country”.

Puma PAC Democrat


A Telling Thoughts comment.. This matter needs to be addressed by Senator Obama as soon as possible.

For the full text, including must see videos

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