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Thursday, April 26, 2012

America's white nationalist tendencies run deep.  If we only had Ron Walters here expound on his specialty, America's white nationalism.  Since the 1960s and even before, except in the Jim Crow South,  blatant racism outside the bounds of polite society.  There came a time when the white supremacist caricatures were no longer appropriate, much less for common display.  With Barack Obama as America's 44th President those caricatures are back in full display.  In 2010, Barack Obama is pictured as a witch doctor with bone through his nose. In terms of a blatant despicable racism, the white supremacy re dux.  It's hard to be more racist.

Moreover, the depths of this racism is shown when they degrade the office of the presidency.  The honor that is to be bestowed to that office does not apply when the occupant is black.  In other words, blackness trumps the prestige of the office with Barack Obama as its incumbent.  

The sign at this restaurant says it all.  Kanye West had to apologize for his comment that "President Bush does not like black people."  Ted Nugent referred to the President as vile.  He did get a visit from the Secret Service but there has been no sanction.  The President is called the most vile insult that cam be hurled at a black person.  No sanction.  RGN

Sign Uses Racial Slur to Refer to President

Updated: Monday, 23 Apr 2012, 8:18 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 23 Apr 2012, 5:44 PM ED

Julia Reynolds
PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - Residents are upset about a sign in Paulding County that uses a racial slur to refer to President Barack Obama. The sign, in front of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar on Highway 113, uses the n-word to refer to President Obama. “This world is supposed to be a peaceful world, not a world with hatred. This shouldn't be here today,” said Carl Norman.

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