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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check out PUMA!!

For a set of Hillary supporters, it's not over. They find it hard, if not impossible, to support Barack Obama. They are saying to hell with party unity. It is curious as to why this is the case. Much of the problem is the disappointment of being ever-so-close to having the first woman president. Hillary was subjected to sexism during the campaign but not by Barack or his campaign. A few members of the general public, some overzealous Barack supporters, and some in the media are guilty to at least some degree of sexism directed at Hillary. While this is true, sexism was not the reason she lost. Also, with exception of Iraq, the differences between Barack and Hillary on the issues were not great. So, we must conclude that the primary reasons for PUMA and similar sentiments are that they don't like Barack. Then the question becomes why do they not like Barack? If it is not the issues, comes down to two things: 1) their disappointment that if a woman, in this case Hillary, is not the nominee, they resent Barack because he came out ahead of Hillary for the nomination; or 2) they cannot bring themselves to vote for a black man. Given what this country has been through over the last almost 30 years under the conservative rule, to not vote, or to vote for McCain demonstrates misplaced political instincts, leanings that are Democratic or democratic must know that the American democracy, we expect it to be, will not survive four more years of Republican rule. RGN

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"Let's Get Real With Reuben Torres" got PUMA founder, Will Bower as his special guest on tonights show. Bower will be discussing PUMA's opposition to the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Will Bower is spokesperson for P.U.M.A., which stands for "party unity my ass," an organization he founded and launched on Facebook and that is made up largely of Hillary Clinton supporters. P.U.M.A. is now part of the larger Just Say No Deal coalition of groups that coalesced after Clinton officially suspended her campaign and that are united in their opposition to the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Bower is a contributor to OffTheBus and was an administrator for the main Hillary Clinton Facebook group, "Hillary Clinton for President; One Million Strong." In February, Bower, who says he is "obsessive-compulsive" about how the "mathematics of election systems reflect democracy," wrote a brief opinion piece at Newsvine on the "seriously flaw ed [Democratic Party primary] system, which is just not proportional," arguing that the superdelegates should right the process by declaring for Clinton .

In the weeks since he founded PUMA and became one of the Just Say No Deal coalition spokespeople, Bower has become an intermittent guest on the major cable news networks, talking on the anger felt by the people he represents and on the coalition's motivations and plans. Together with a group of roughly 70 P.U.M.A. voters, Bower met last week with Senator John McCain, which he characterized on Fox News as very "reassuring." OffThe Bus spoke with Bower this past week.

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