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Friday, March 14, 2008

From the Ladner Report: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority "Denounces and Rejects" Geraldine Ferraro Statement

There are moments when one feels good because a person, guided by a sense of integrity, stepped forward and did the right thing. Barbara A. McKinzie, the international president of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the oldest black women's sorority in the world spoke out today to the thousands of AKA members across the world, and to the public at large. She let Geraldine Ferraro have it for dismissing Senator Barack Obama's popularity as due to his being lucky for being black; rather than because of his experience and message of hope that is resonating with the country.

She called Ferraro's ridiculous comments "outrageous" and she said they were race-based and inflammatory. She said the Sorority "denounces and rejects" her words and the spirit behind them. (Payback is rough!)

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