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Sunday, March 23, 2008

For Barack Obama: A Call to Action

Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 10:19:30 -0400
To: Jan-Michele Kearney <
From: "Jon Carson," <
Subject: Video: More Voices

Jan-Michele --

Barack talked earlier this week about bridging divides and bringing people
together to solve our common problems.

That's not just the theme of this campaign -- it's been the theme of his
life's work.

When Barack came back to Chicago after law school, he led a voter
registration drive to attract people to the political process.

The deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is fast approaching --
Monday, March 24. This is the last opportunity for Pennsylvanians who are
unregistered -- as well as Independents and Republicans -- to register as
Democrats so they can support Barack in the primary.

Watch this short video about Barack's voter registration efforts and start
making calls to help register Pennsylvanians right away:

Registering voters and bringing more voices into the political process is
what this campaign is all about.

In the ten contests left in this race, we have an opportunity to build a
base of support that will lead Democrats to victory up and down the ballot
in November.

But more importantly, we have the chance to transform our party and our
politics. Our next opportunity is Pennsylvania.

By bringing in new voters and encouraging voters who have gotten fed up to
get involved again, we can move beyond the divisive and petty tactics that
have dominated our politics for far too long. We can send a message that
we're ready for something new -- something positive that brings us together
around a shared goal of a better future for all Americans.

You can help build our movement and create a lasting change in our party
and in our country.

start making calls for this historic drive to register Pennsylvania

One of the special things about this campaign is that it's inspired people
from all walks of life to take action.

Supporters are organizing in their neighborhoods and traveling across the
country to help register voters. People like you are making calls to crucial
states and talking to potential voters about a new kind of leadership and a
new kind of politics.

There are ten contests left in this race, and we can set the tone for all
of them in Pennsylvania. Your voice can make a difference in how they turn
out. You can have an important impact on the direction of the Democratic
Party and politics in this country.

Be a voice for change and bring more voices into the political process:

Thank you for everything you're doing,


Jon Carson
National Voter Contact Director
Obama for America

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