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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama supports redo Michigan/Florida

There has been a lot of confusion about what to do about the delegates from the renegade states Florida and Michigan. Hillary was on a campaign to have the delegates count from those ill-conceived primaries. The rules were to not seat these delegates because these states did not abide by the rules and all of the candidates had signed a pledge to not campaign in states that broke the rules. Originally, the Obama campaign called for abiding by the rules, not seating the delegates. It seems as though a redo is in the works. That is the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise, a majority of the delegates would go to Hillary who left her name on the ballot while Obama and Edwards.

Michigan/Florida Caucus Likely To Seat Delegates

Early on in the 2008 democratic race for President, the states of Michigan and Florida were punished by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for holding their state primaries earlier than the rules allowed. Michigan and Florida's punishment included not seating their delegates in this summers Democratic National Convention. Little did party leaders know at the time, but the delegates from Florida and Michigan could make a huge difference as to which candidate will win the democratic nomination.

While Florida and Michigan went ahead and held their primaries against the wishes of the DNC, all the major democratic candidates followed the rules and did not campaign in those states when their primaries took place. Now with the democratic race so tight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, delegates in Michigan and Florida could make the difference in the race. People that support Hillary Clinton are now pushing to have Michigan and Florida delegates seated at this summers convention anyway because she won those two state primaries.

Barack Obama would like to see a caucus held in both states before this summers convention in order to settle which candidate will get what delegates from Florida and Michigan. My personal opinion is that Barack Obama is going to win this battle in the end because it would be crazy to let Hillary Clinton take most of the Florida and Michigan delegates when Barack Obama was not even allowed to campaign there. What is ironic about the DNC's decision to punish Florida and Michigan is that now both of these states are much more important than they would have been early on in the campaign.

In 2008, Democrats are in a perfect position to win back the White House if they don't find some way to mess it up. Seating the current delegates from Michigan and Florida after saying they would not be seated would be one of those terrible decisions that could help Democrats snatch defeat from the arms of victory. Every week, Barack Obama increases his lead among delegates in the democratic race for the nomination. If the DNC seats the current delegates from Florida and Michigan and that move causes Obama to lose the race, then I predict John McCain will be the next President of the United States.

I feel certain that there will be a late year caucus in both Florida and Michigan and those two caucuses will probably decide whether it is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama that represents Democrats in the general the article. Please surf the internet.

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