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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Obama the Political Wonder

This is an excellent analysis. It is very long. This is the introductory paragraph and link.

The Political Wonder That Is Obama
Posted February 21st, 2008 by PTZeleza

It has been a dazzling performance, historic in its possibilities: a black man electrifying America’s imagination, pulverizing the ferocious Clinton machine, collecting electoral victories with deceptive and decisive ease, seemingly unstoppable on his amazing journey to the U.S. presidency. That is the political wonder that is Barack Obama. It is an incredible story that has confounded pundits and scholars within the country and appears incomprehensible to many outside the United States. I have been watching this intriguing political drama with growing incredulity ever since Senator Obama declared his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois, the home of the revered Abraham Lincoln, in January 2007, through the long season of silly preoccupations with his blackness and serious concerns about his electability, during his first astounding victory in Iowa on January 3 and his bitter defeat in New Hampshire five days later, to his stunning successes on Super Tuesday, and his subsequent momentum sealed in an unbroken chain of victories in ten states from Virginia to Maine, Wisconsin to Hawaii.

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