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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will the President Fight Back Against Fox News????

The White House was wrong, but I digress.

In an earlier post there was a need to praise the "new leadership" of the NAACP in their challenge to the Tea Party's racism.  Ben Jealous and the leadership deserved credit for forcing the Tea Parties to "confirm or deny" the racism in their ranks.   As it happens the praise was too quick.  This same leadership allowed themselves to betray a civils rights veteran in a knee jerk reaction to satisfy Fox News.   Upon the first reports of Shirkley Sherrod's remarks, they caved demanded she be fired without understanding the facts.   As was with the Acorn case, or or the New Black Panther Party case, or the Van Jones case, Fox News is committed to producing white resentment.  They have no shame.  

The Shirley Sherrod case was no less than what could be expected from Fox News, it was manufactured news.   The report was a lie.  Now that it is known that the story was a lie!!!  Instead of a story about racial preference or racial divison, Ms Sherrod was telling a story of understanding and compassion, even for whites.  Here is the NAACP retraction

The NAACP was only a part of the problem. More important, the White House had her fired because they were trying to kill a Glenn Beck story.  She was harrassed and forced to pull beside the road to resign on the spot enroute from one work site to another.  We cannot have Fox News shaping policies and practices when it comes to race and racism.  Because of the humiliation the White House and the Department of Agriculture owe this hero who was really spreading the good word an apology,  I an encouraging a letter writing campaign to the White House requesting that Mrs Sherrod be invited to the White House to receive a personal apology from the President.  RGN

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