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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox News: Shirley Sherrod Acorn II

Fox News has an agenda. Ramping up white resentment. It is whites who are victims according to Fox News. The latest is akin the "Acorn exposure" by indicted or was it convicted James O'Keefe. A USDA official made some comments that seemed miscontrued by a Fox News story. The charge in the Fox story was that Shirley Sherrod, an African American agent for a non-profit organization but now a USDA employee, expressed that she had treated a white farmer less than favorably because of this superior attitude. Ms Sherrod, dismissed by the administration, was telling a story of an event that had happened 24 years ago. And at a time when black farmers were being robbed of their land by white officials, public and private. It took CNN to run the full story. See the Daily Kos

Shirley Sherrod Tells her story

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