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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need to Fight Back in Defense of a Colleague: Frances Fox Piven

Glenn Beck is certifiable.  Yet, his outrage continues.  Over the course of his machinations, he has concocted that one of our most honored colleagues is the reason for American ruin.  Beck has singled out Frances Fox Piven to construct his grand conspiracy to destroy America.  Fox News with its dedication to white nationalism has placed Beck as its evangelist.  It is time to fight back.  Media matters is a good place to start.  RGN

Dear Friend:

Over the past year, Glenn Beck has launched numerous false attacks against renowned Sociologist and progressive civil rights chamption Frances Fox Piven.

As a result of Beck's accusations that Piven promotes violence and is an "enemy of the constitution," numerous violent threats to Piven have been posted on Beck's website.

It is absolutely irresponsible -- and dangerous -- to let Beck continue his rhetoric and false attacks against Piven.

Tell Fox News President Roger Ailes it is his responsibility to stop

Beck's attacks now:

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