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Monday, November 8, 2010

Controversial responses: President Obama on "60 Minutes"

Robert Newby
Responses to the President's remarks at the press conference and "60 Minutes" have created quite a stir.  Many feel he was too conciliatory when it came to the election results.  There was a feeling that he took the blame for things that were not of his making.  In fact, his achievements have been favorably compared to FDR and Lyndon Johnson.  Even so, the Tea Party movement has demonized him and his policies because he is black.  The NAACP, with its Report on Tea Party Nationalism, exposed the racism that has been central to the President's opposition.  Yet, the historic victories by Republicans and Tea Party candidates nationwide were portrayed as something the President has done wrong.   For many, there is a resentment that the President is "taking responsibility" for forces that want make him "the other" and want to "take their country back."  One can only assume is that the President is assuming that old Harry Truman saying that "the buck stops here."   By taking responsibility for election results that were based largely by a veiled white nationalism, he appears to many to caving in to the opposition.  On the other hand, we should be reminded that the President has said that he is the President of even those folks who did not vote for him.  Here is the "60 Minutes" interview: RGN

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