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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Humanitarians Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains!!!

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Good morning, my caring and wonderfully active peeps.

I have some really great news. I have something, that if it is of interest to you, is a truly fabulous project to get behind.

This last week, I was approached by Gigi from Obama's Angels. They are a nonprofit arm of the DNC created to support Obama's humanitarian initiatives. They reached out to us CAN groups (so cool) to ask us to help them spread the word of their goals and plans. And they are really wonderful goals and plans.

First, let me tell you that they started as we did....with a worry that this incredible movement might die after Election Day. So three months before the election, they were formed to exist whether or not Obama won. Again, very cool.


The "National Council for Obama's Angels - Headquarters, SLC", "Obama's Angels" for short, is a national and international grassroots organization created, and approved as an international and national community service group by the Barack Obama 2008 campaign, before the Presidential Elections.
(see "National Council for Obama's Angels" in the old site -- hey that's us!!!!).


"Our purpose is to preserve, promote and support President Barack Obama's humanitarian and activist agenda of community outreach and service, inclusive and beyond Party lines, after the the 2008 Presidential Elections. We work to unite people in the United States and in the world, through effective community and humanitarian service."

" Our mission is to do "Good Works" through volunteer service, while inspiring, training and supporting others who are doing the same."


Obama's Angels provides logistic support, volunteer labor, community organizing training and "think-tank" support to existing humanitarian and activist organizations that are developing projects which advance President Obama's agenda. We back projects and activities which help to improve our quality of life and help the world to become a more peaceful place.

Don't you just love these guys? I knew you would.

They are having a leadership conference in May. No details have been released yet. The goal is that they want to open Obama's Angels offices all over the U.S. and they want our help.

As they are just putting their speakers together now, please do not bombard their offices with questions about details of the conference because it is being developed as we speak and there is no link to it yet or public announcement. We are the first to know.

It would be really nice, however, to join their web site and get up to speed on their organization. If you are a Camp Obama TEACHER, please do contact them as they are putting together their different seminars for this leadership conference right now and could use your support and knowledge passed on.

Tell them Lisa sent you.

Needless to say, send this everywhere and anywhere. Get the word out. Let's show these naysayers how powerful we can be and how our truly, honorably this nation's 44th President Barack Obama rolls. Community Activism is going to be the #1 fasting growing sector of the United States. And we are going to kick it off. Opening Obama's Angels across the country. Very exciting.

Go people. This is not a drill!!

Lisa Lindo
National USA.CAN Group Administrator (Community Action Networks)
Associate Producer Vote For Change Campaign --
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