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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Feagin: White Supremacist Talking Points

McCain & Stephanopoulos Spread White Supremacist Talking Points about Obama
Posted by Joe on Apr 20th, 2008
Apr 20
After parroting in his debate questions last Wednesday several issues raised long ago on white supremacist websites–about Senator Obama’s outspoken former pastor and about a tenuous relationship some time back with William Ayers–George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” today asked Senator McCain (image from here) about Obama’s “patriotism.” This setup allowed McCain too to parrot the supremacist websites’ continuing theme about Ayers–and thus to move the white supremacist websites’ theme into the Republican mainstream. The interview discussion on Ayers is remarkably long and telling. Here is only a short part of it:

For the full discussion and transcript:

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PeterW said...

If McCain is "parroting" white supremacists - what the hell do you think calling your trivial group "Black and Progressive Sociologists for O'Bama reveals.

That you're black supremacists?

WTF is a magazine called 'Ebony' doing on your blog?

What would you say if Clinton was supported by a group calling itself 'White and Progressive Sociologists for Clinton' and their blog was littered with references to magazines named 'Ivory' or "Whiteness'?